The pseudoelasticity and the shape memory effect in CoNiAl alloys

Jaromir Kopecek, Markéta Jarošová, Karel Jurek, Oleg Heczko


The cobalt alloys (close to the CoNiAl stoichiometry) are the less known shape memory alloys. Such behavior is consequence of the martensitic transformation. The pseudoelasticity is caused by the stress-induced martensitic transformation above the equilibrium martensite start temperature from high temperature cubic phase (austenite) to lower symmetry phase (martensite). In CoNiAl the pseudoelastic behavior can be obtained by the high temperature annealing. In presented work the effect of the annealing temperature on both pseudoelastic behavior and microstructure was investigated.


Shape memory alloys; Co-alloys; metallography; martensitic transition; stress induced martensite

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