Influence of temperature of the short-period heat treatment on mechanical properties of the NiTi alloy

Jaroslav Čapek, Jiří Kubásek


The equiatomic alloy of nickel and titanium, known as nitinol, possesses unique properties such as superelasticity, pseudoplasticity, shape memory, while maintaining good corrosion resistance and sufficient biocompatibility. Therefore it is used for production of various devices including surgery implants. Heat treatment of nickel-rich NiTi alloys can result in precipitation of nickel-rich phases, which strongly influence tensile and fatigue behaviour of the material.

In this work we have studied influence of short-period heat treatment on tensile behaviour and fatigue life of the NiTi (50.9 at. % Ni) wire intended for fabrication of surgery stents.


NiTi shape memory alloy, heat treatment, mechanical properties.

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