Examination and Polishing of Surface Scratches on Handheld Devices

József Hlinka, Zoltán Pál, Krisztián Bán, Andor Bauernhuber


Pollution is a current environmental problem. Personal used mobile phones and devices with LCD displays are often thrown away only the optical matter. The renewal of these device surfaces is at the focus of common interest. Our examination was a well-defined micro-scratch test using a special microhardness and scratch tester equipment (MCT). This equipment provides four different means of analyzing the scratch: acoustic emission detection, tangential force measurement, scratch depth measurement, optical observation through a digital microscope. The scratches were made with normal force from 0.5 to 15 N, the same length (20 mm) with the same diamond indenter. The scratches were analyzed with contact and non-contact methods, laser surface topographical analysis, optical microscopic examination, and surface roughness testing. On the LCD display we created specified scratches with the MCT scratch tester and after these scratches had to be repaired by polishing. Three different polishing speeds and loads were used. The measured wear rates show that higher polishing loads result increased wear rates but this trend does not true for the polishing speed.


scratch test; LCD display; surface roughness; polishing; scratch depth

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R. Fábián, M. Furkó, B. Vehovszky. XIX. Scientific Session of Young Engineers XIX. International Scientific Conference, ClujNapoca (2014) 145-148.

Z. Pál, A. Lovas. Measuring attributes of thermopower and hardness measurement of glassy alloys. Perner’s Contact 6 (2) 221-227


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