The effect of high temperature annealing in different atmospheres on microstructure of ODS materials

Vit Jan, Jan Čupera


Mechanically alloyed oxide dispersion strengthened materials MA 6000 and MA 956 have been annealed at 1100ºC for 24 and 240 hours in air, vacuum of 10 -3 Pa and hydrogen atmosphere.. Mass changes due to oxidation and evaporation were measured. Fracture surfaces, microstructure of the materials and changes in chemical composition were examined along with surface layers  evolution and pores formation.

 On fracture surfaces and polished sections, formation of voids and altered microstructure sub-surface zones in both materials has been studied. Different mechanisms causing void formation are discussed and proposed in discussion. Also the mechanisms and reaction sequences of surface oxidation reactions are examined.


ODS alloys, Oxidation, Vacuum, Hydrogen, Surface reactions

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