Production of hydroxyapatite-titanium composite powders by high-energy ball milling suitable for spark plasma sintering processes

Michaela Matějková, Ivo Dlouhý


Hydroxyapatite-titanium (HA-Ti) composite powders were prepared by high-energy ball milling for subsequent production of samples by spark plasma sintering (SPS). Different milling times for the preparation of HA-Ti composite powders were used. The microstructural properties and phase composition
of the composite powders were studied by scanning electron microscopy
and X-ray analysis. The results showed no formations of new phases
in the structure during high-energy ball milling and a gradual reduction of the particles size with increasing milling time. Sintered samples from HA-Ti composite powder were prepared. A cross section analyzed by SEM and phase composition obtained by X-ray diffraction was studied. The results showed changes of phase compositions in the structure.



High-energy ball milling; hydroxyapatite-titanium composite powders; spark plasma sintering processes

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