Fretting–fatigue behavior of bolted joints using FEM method

Mohammed Sehoul, Mohamed Benguediab, Fatima Zohra Kettaf, Ali Benhamena


In this paper, the fretting damage of a mechanical bolted assembly in three dimensions is studied using a numerical approach. The study consist to analyze the cylindrical coordinates in stress fields and other fretting parameters depending on the angle and radius of the contact areas, and also to determine
the position of the initiation and propagation of the crack.

The numerical simulation is done in 3D in order to better describe the real behavior in fretting of a bolted joint. According to the simulation results,
the tightening torque plays a significant role in the load transfer. The results allowed us to determine the stress that triggers the initiation and crack propagation, and locate the damaged area by fretting.


Fretting, bolted assembly, numerical approach, damage area

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