On the recrystallization and texture of Fe-36%Ni alloy after accumulative roll bonding and annealing at 600 °C

Kamel Tirsatine, Hiba Azzeddine, Thierry Baudin, Anne-Laure Helbert, François Brisset, Djamel Bradai


Microstructure and texture evolution of Fe-36%Ni (wt.%) alloy after 1, 5 and 10 accumulative roll-bonding (ARB) cycles and annealing at 600 °C up to 3600 seconds were studied using electron backscatter diffraction. Microstructural and textural changes after ARB and annealing were compared to those existing in the literature after conventional rolling. The microstructure was not stable at 600 °C for all ARB samples even after 3600 seconds of annealing. The recrystallization texture was dominated by the Cube {001}<100> texture component. Recrystallization kinetics were determined using microhardness measurement and were close to those after cold rolling with Avrami time exponent around unity. The texture evolution at high strain was discussed in terms of grain boundary migration obstruction by the formation of layer interfaces and small recrystallized grains near the bonded interfaces.


Invar, Accumulative roll bonding, Recrystallization kinetics, Ultrafine grains, Texture, Microstructure

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