Experimental and numerical investigation of a simplified exhaust model

Balázs Vehovszky


A simplified experimental equipment was built to investigate heat radiation and free convection around hot exhaust pipe. Temperatures were measured
on the surface of the pipe as like as on heat insulating and -reflecting aluminum shield. Special care was taken to the temperature measuring method: result proved that inappropriate fixing of measuring thermocouples lead to an error of up to 30 % in the temperature-increase values. A detailed 1D numerical model was set up and parametrized so as to the calculation results can be fitted to measured temperature values. In this way thermal properties of the surfaces – as emissivities, absorption coefficients and convective heat transfer coefficients – were determined for temperature sweeps and stationary state cases. The used methods are to be further improved for real automotive parts and higher temperatures.


thermal characterisation; exhaust system; temperature measurement; parameter fitting; numerical model

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