Use of Cold Gas Dynamic Spraying of bi-metallic powder mixtures as alternative to classic powder metallurgy route for producing intermetallic materials

Vit Jan, Michaela Matějková, Ivo Dlouhý


The paper presents cold gas dynamic spraying (or Cold Spray) as a novel surface treatment technology capable not only of surface modifications but also being used as bulk creating technology. This is demonstrated on numerous samples where bi-metallic powder feedstock is deposited into bulk, self-standing pieces of material that does not need the support of substrate. Mixtures from the group of Fe, Al, Ti, Ni, Cu were used for the initial bi-metallic mixtures. The deposited samples were then subjected to annealing at temperatures ranging from 300 to 1100°C in protective atmosphere and resulting morphologies and microstructures were analysed. Generally materials with high proportion
of intermetallic phase content were obtained. These are discussed as potential scaffolds for metal or polymer matrix composites or as hi temperature resistive supports for catalysts with filter functions.



Cold spray; Intermetallic alloys; Reaction diffusion; Powder metallurgy.

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Copyright (c) 2016 Vit Jan, Michaela Matějková, Ivo Dlouhý

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