Analysis of the austenitic stainless steel's r-value behavior at elevated temperatures

Dušan Arsić, Milan Djordjević, Srbislav Aleksandrović, Vukić Lazić, Ruzica R. Nikolic, Branislav Hadzima


An analysis of the anisotropy properties of austenitic steel AISI 304 (X5CrNi18-10) at elevated temperatures is presented in this paper. Considerations of the anisotropy problems are presented in the theoretical part of the paper, as well as the procedure for determination of the normal anisotropy coefficient. The experimental part of the paper describes the plan, methodology and equipment for testing of material's normal anisotropy and mechanical characteristics. The objective of conducting the experiments was to investigate influence of temperature on normal anisotropy, as well as on the mechanical properties of the considered material. The normal anisotropy was monitored by the coefficient – the so-called "r-value". Besides that, the tensile strength, yield stress and elongation at break were monitored, also. The tests were done on the 0.7 mm thick sheet metal within the temperature range 20 to 700°C.


Normal Anisotropy; Sheet Metal; Stainless Steel; r-value; Elevated Temperatures; Mechanical properties.

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