34CrMo4 steel resistance against the SSC after controlled cooling process

Pavel Kučera, Eva Mazancová


The sulphide stress cracking corrosion resistance of 34CrMo4 steel after the accelerated cooling process under the Ar3 temperature was investigated. Two modes of heat treatment were applied to achieve homogeneous microstructure and at least partially eliminated segregation banding. First mode was based on the cooling up to the 420 °C on the air and subsequent cooling in the quenching bath. Second mode was similar except the temperature of cooling on the air, which was set up to the 460 °C. Afterward in both cases, the stress relief annealing was applied. Both modes of heat treatment resulted in the significantly banded microstructure based on the pearlite, ferrite and modified lower portion of accicular ferrite. The differences in mechanical properties of both cases of heat treatment were minimal. The SSC loading times to failure of both sets did not lead to important differences.


CNG, 34CrMo4, heat treatment, SSC, microstructure

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