Deformation zone size around drilled hole in DP steels

Gejza Rosenberg, Iveta Sinaiová, Ľuboš Juhár


In the present study, there are given results of the experimental tests primarily focused on determination of dimension of plastic strained layer near drilled hole surface. Three hot rolled low carbon steels with strength ranging 416 to 967 MPa (conventional mild steel and two micro alloyed steels) were examined in the state after annealing to eliminate residual stress and after intercritical quenching. It was found that the size of deformation zones (determined by differential interference contrast light microscopy) as well as thickness of hardened layer (determined by micro-hardness tests) can be correlated with the macro-hardness of steels, however, they are also dependent on their microstructure.


Deformation zone; drilled hole; DP steel

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