Maria Mihalikova, Miroslav Német, Elena Čižmárová


The paper is focused on the experimental investigation of the montmorillonite nanofillers effect on deformation properties of polystyrene KRASTEN 171. In some cases, combination of a low amount of clay with dispersed polymeric phase may cause synergistic effects leading to very fair balance of mechanical behaviour. This seems to be a consequence of complex influencing the multiphase system by clay such as modification of components (reinforcement) and parameters of the interface accompanied by influencing the dynamic phase behaviour, i.e., the compactibilizing effect. The paper analyses the effect of nanocomposites and type of the material on the individual measured parameters, relations between them, strength and deformation behaviour. Deformation was evaluated by non-contact videoextensometry method


polystyrene; videoextensometry; mechanical properties; montmorillonite; increment deformation

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