Experimental analysis of influence of different lubricants types on the multi-phase ironing process

Milan Djordjević, Srbislav Aleksandrović, Vukić Lazić, Milentije Stefanović, Ruzica Radoslava Nikolic, Dušan Arsić


This paper is aimed at presenting results of an experimental analysis of the different types of lubricants influence on the multi-phase ironing process. Based on sliding of the metal strip between the two contact elements a special tribological model was adopted. The subject of experimental investigations was variations of the drawing force, contact pressure and the friction coefficient for each type of the applied lubricants. The ironing process was conducted in three-phases at the constant sliding velocity. The objective of this analysis was to compare all the applied lubricants in order to estimate their quality from the point of view of their applicability in the multi-phase ironing process.


Multi-phase ironing, Tribological model, Friction coefficient, Contact pressure, Drawing force

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License URL: http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-nc-nd/3.0/


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